About Bhagwati Feeds

We at Bhagwati Feeds are dedicated not only to provide nutrition to the bird, but to stand by the customer and extend all help and support whether technical or management, whenever and wherever required.

The Company manufactures poultry feed in form of pellets, mash and concentrates. The team at Bhagwati feeds has been vigil in raw material quality checks to ensure that only the best goes into your bird’s food. Raw materials are specifically chosen as to which raw material has what effect on bird’s health, and the formulation is based on regular feed trials that the company does on its Trial farms. Random samples of raw materials are tested on regular basis to keep a check on the quality obtained.

A bird has higher energy and nutritional requirements as it grows. So we have classified feed into 4 major categories as per the requirement of the bird according to its age and weight. This leads to a lower FCR and better Weight gain.

The 4 major categories of feed are :-
• Pre-Starter
• Starter
• Grower
• Finisher

Why should you buy Bhagwati Feeds??

• Lower FCR
• Early Maturity
• Better digestibility
• Uniform Flock Size
• Improved Feed Intake
• Nutritionally well balanced.
• Free from bacteria, pathogens and toxins
• Less Medication Cost
• Lower Mortality Rate
• Higher Profitability due to less feed cost

Know Us More

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