Research & Development wing

"Science feeds our knowledge on a regular basis. Cross-disciplinary expertise, scientific curiosity, rigorous methodology and a taste for innovation define our Research and Development team."

The R&D Department at Bhagwati Feeds Pvt. Ltd., headed by one of the most known nutritionist Dr. Bijender Sharma (Ph.D, Animal Nutrion), who is constantly working towards optimum exploitation of the genetics of the bird. The major concern is always to obtain maximum growth with least amount of feed consumed thus efficiently improving upon the Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR).

The company has always been strict on introducing feed additives and related products in the list of ingredients formulated. Thorough and regular field trials are conducted regarding new products just to ensure that only the best goes into the feed fed to your chickens.

A well nutritionally balanced feed is not the only key for good growth of the birds. But it is the Bio-availability of the nutrients present in the feed that affects the growth. There have been very close studies conducted by the department on different types of raw materials and their effects on the bird's growth, thus leading to optimized formulations for optimum results.

The primary objective of the team has always been increasing the digestibility of the bird so that all biologically available nutrients are absorbed by the digestive tract of the bird. So the ingredients are formulated in such a manner that they support absorption of other related nutrients.